It’s been a while – nearly finished (deep breath)!

Isle of Skye Luxury, Isle of Skye Luxus, Isle of Skye Luxe


9 responses to “It’s been a while – nearly finished (deep breath)!

  1. Whoah! Deep breath alright. That is jaw dropping. How will you ever get anything done now? It must be impossible to drag yourself away from that view. The chair/lamp/plant/rug is teasing. I hope you are going to show us more!

    • So happy with it – wasn’t sure for a long time whether the space would work (it’s tiny compared to yours)! Celebrations (touch wood) not far off and then I can sit back and enjoy the progress of yours (which looks like its going great so far)!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!! That is a total teaser!!!! It looks amazing. I want to sit on that bench and enjoy that view! Beautiful. I can’t wait to see more. It looks straight out of a magazine.

      • It is spectacular. I am so happy for you. Lovely!!!!

        We are in the process of putting the rods in the trusses. Still not sure how it will turn out visually. We should know by the end of next week hopefully. I won’t lie it’s been a bit stressful. But nothing major….just a new learning curve. Hoping we can still be in by Christmas.

    • Thank You – it is rather special (and what a journey)! I am planning an update with the finished(!) article very soon.

      Looks like you’re in the middle of things – will enjoy very much poking around your journey! Thanks again…

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