Flooring | Marble meets Wood (Oak)

A sneak peek at our flooring:

Oiled oak flooring throughout the house with the exception of the bathrooms and part of the kitchen.

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Marble Hexagonal mosaic throughout the bathrooms and part of the kitchen – the marble is a real treat and infuses real glamour into the house. I am particularly excited about seeing the marble meet the wooden floor – in my mind its beautiful!

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A couple of inspiration pics:

A little cold perhaps but the floor is beautiful. I am hoping our oak counter, shelf and window ledge will warm ours (along with the lighting)!

salle de bains en marbre hexagonale, auto de luxe maison de vacances de restauration, sechseckigen Marmorbadezimmer, luxuriöse Selbstversorgerhaus, zeshoekige marmeren badkamer, luxe self catering vakantiehuis

Love it – our marble tiles are going on the floor and will hopefully lift our kitchen which is a dark (deep blue)!

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9 responses to “Flooring | Marble meets Wood (Oak)

  1. Oh lovely, i have original oak floorboards in my house, thinking of pale honey limestone in the kitchen to replace a terracotta floor.
    Jane x

  2. Hi there, I’ve been quietly following your build. Your house is looking amazing, love the marble tiles!

    • Hi Trixee, Thanks for stopping by. and thank you! We are really happy with it so far – can’t wait to take some proper photos. The marble was a real treat – small(ish) areas throughout the house – can’t wait to show it off. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh those wood floors are perfect. And I love the marble tiles. I am thinking of marble tiles as a backslash in the kitchen? Thinking the same thing as you, a splash of elegance. I can’t wait to see your kitchen. With the blue….if it’s anything like your other choices it’s going to be great. I love the photo with the bath tub, but I do think your wood will warm it up a lot. Just lovely!!!!

  4. Happy – we’ve got this far and I’m just happy we’re getting to the end – the marble tiles were special and I hope it works – but I’ll be satisfied it being finished!

    – housebythewater – hopefully it will show whats possible with a tight budget – (I’m loving your bits so far but really worried about the cost/builders extras (which is what we’re suffering)!

    Thank you so much again for popping in…makes it feel less adventurous!

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