Small Touches Within | Planning a Self Build

As the House races towards completion the space shows itself and finally one is able to see whether it actually works (we didn’t do a ‘walk around’ computer model so had little idea what we would end up with)!

Introducing warmth into our home to soften the modern lines has been attempted through the use of oak shelving, benches and counter tops.

The mezzanine level bedroom has been transformed into a grand light space (below)

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The staircase to the upper floor is beautiful (it’s much wider than it looks) and provides a great feeling of space (below)

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The upstairs living area (is a lot bigger than it appears in the below picture). Of note is the large grey hearth on which the wood burning stove is to be placed. It is visible in the middle of the picture and will sit level with the oak wooden floor once laid – a large (perfect) space to put bits and pieces!

côtier auto de luxe maison de vacances de restauration, l'ecosse, Küsten Luxus-Ferienhaus für Selbstversorger, Schottland, kust luxe self catering vakantiehuis, schotland

The huge picture window is still being manufactured so a sneak peek of the things to come in the upstairs living area…

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9 responses to “Small Touches Within | Planning a Self Build

    • Thanks – So so close – these pictures are a couple of weeks old now – so much happening on site! So sorry to hear about the beams – isn’t it peculiar how no matter how well planned (or paid) things go wrong (we’ve had our fair share)! Steel rods across look amazing so don’t despair – the house looks like a proper grand space – and will be such an achievement once done! (Can’t get over how tiny ours looks in comparison to yours haha)! Keep us updated with the solution!!!

      • How exciting that you are so close. I can’t wait to see your kitchen in. I love the vaulted ceiling upstairs.

        Yes it looks like we will be using the steel rods. I actually have been looking at some trusses with them. They can look pretty great…. I just want it to look like it’s not an add on. They are quite popular in your part of the world. :). Our engineer was very positive about the trusses he said they look great and structurally we are in good shape (so that was a relief) but in order to keep them from creeping (as he called it). We need to jack them back up then attach the rods. He is going to draw us up a plan so we can see what it will look like. When we get the drawings I will post them.

        I am so enjoying following your home build!!!

    • As simple as possible (and without breaking the bank) – can’t wait to see it finished. Really looking forward to seeing your project from the very start to the end!

  1. Happylaughs – so glad its something ‘manageable’ (as if it isn’t stressful enough)!

    housebythewater – Thank you – I’ve just realised some have been painted over 😦 Luckily some of our furniture is starting to collect and there are some really great bits! Can’t wait to show pictures!

    Countrymeadow – thankfully a lot quicker now!

  2. Looks great Torsten. The finished result is always a great surprise. When we produced you we could not even dream that the finished product would be so spectacular and such a joy. Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 08:25:51 +0000 To:

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