Breaking Ground in Scotland| Isle of Skye | Building a House | van rental

My work last week involved moving an ex-display kitchen from a Shurgard storage unit in London to Skye in an van. This passed without event and a eulogy is owed to the roads in both countries which allowed such a journey (in particular to the lorry drivers (flash) at night who provide assistance allowing safe passage).

The views along the way were pretty spectacular – the Highlands having the best driving roads in Europe (this journey took me through Loch Lomond, Fort William and Glencoe – utterly stunning.

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The bright orange digger sits on the newly constructed lay-by to the East of the Sasaig township road. The site access has been achieved by pouring (lots of) fill onto the site to ensure the gradient reflects that stipulated by the Scottish Roads department (TEC Services in the Highlands). The SITE PLAN shows the access arrangement. This is what the reality looks like:

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The extent of the site and the foundations can be seen here – very excited to see such progress in a relatively short space of time – the view is as magnificent as always.

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The journey home isn’t bad either (along with my van rental – quick, convenient and good value):self building, building a house on the isle of skye, self build blog, grand design, getting to skye, driving to skye, eilean donan castle, van hire, selvtillit bygningen, bygge et hus på Isle of Skye, selv bygge blogg, grand design, komme til skye, kjøring til skye, Eilean Donan Castle, van hire, self bygning, bygge et hus på Isle of Skye, self build blog, grand design, komme til Skye, kørsel til Skye, Eilean Donan Castle, van leje, Selbst Gebäude, ein Haus auf der Isle of Skye, Eigenbau Blog, grand design, immer auf Skye, Fahrt nach Skye, Eilean Donan Castle, van mieten, auto construction, la construction d'une maison sur l'île de Skye, l'auto blogue construction, grand dessein, d'apprendre à Skye, la conduite de Skye, Eilean Donan Castle, van location, zelf bouwen, het bouwen van een huis op het eiland Skye, self build blog, grand design, om naar Skye, het rijden naar Skye, Eilean Donan Castle, verhuur minibus




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